Eligibility Norms

1. Open to nominate Healthcare Providers - Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical staff etc. according to the category.

2. Nominees must be currently employed/ self-employed in a health-related setting.

3. Nominees must have minimum 20 years’ experience in a health-related setting & be currently registered with the respective state/ national medical councils.

4. A copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae/ resume is desirable or a brief synopsis of places they have worked to complete the nomination. This assists the short listing and judging panels.

5. There should be a minimum of five nominations to open up the category.

6. Award Jury, Committee members, Sponsors, event partners and their immediate family members are NOT ELIGIBLE to nominate for any award.

7. All nominations must be the original work of the author and factually accurate.

8. The nominations forwarded by associations with their remarks will carry weightage in the scrutiny.A preliminary scrutiny of the nominations will be done by the Screening Committee of IMA, Pune.

9. Individual nominations received online will be forwarded to the Screening Committee for scrutiny.

10. The Screening Committee will scrutinize the nominations and the shortlisted applications will be forwarded to the Jury.

11. The Jury will make available necessary performance for selection of Best Doctors from the nominations.

12. Doctors who are convicted of criminal offences involving professional misconduct, moral turpitude and departmental disciplinary actions shall not be considered for this award.

13. An award winner will not be considered for selection for the next five years from the date of the receipt of award.

14. The factors and documents once considered and rejected on valid grounds will not be reconsidered at any time.

15. The decision of the Jury will be final and No Correspondence/ Appeal will be entertained.

16. Any suppression or misinterpretation of facts, in the application will entail blacklisting of such doctors name for the next five years from the date of concerned award.

17. The nomination process will be arranged strictly on the basis of protocol instructions and with the active cooperation of the concerned associations.